Monday, March 14, 2005

EN 125

My Thunder Bouw on Pic By Mr. Budi Rahardjo

Finally, after waiting for along time, bout seven years. My dreams come true, I have a new motor cycle from my own deposit about one month ago. I bought a new Suzuki EN 125, with local names Thunder 125, with a 125cc machine on blue colour.

The motor was special to me. I want own motor since I was junior high school, but the condition doesnt support it and makes it just only my dreams. But now, I have it, and I enjoy it well.

The picture is taking on Indocisc motorcycle garage, taking special by Mr. Budi Rahardjo him self, and it was being a discuss on our mailing list till now -its about three days-. That day, when the picture taked, is the first time i'm riding it. So it looks so clean and shining, hehe.

Thanks God who makes my pray to be real, for making all the time being and my hope not only for my imagination any more. Thanks for My mom and dad, my bro also my sist either who supported me untill I can make this happens.

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